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Happy Holidays!!

I recently had the opportunity to provide a museum tour of my exhibit at the PSESD (Puget Sound Educational Service District) to their Youth Wisdom Council.

The Youth Council’s aims to: Support schools, districts and PSESD to elevate Youth of Color voice and leadership across the region. Increase Youth of Color voice and engagement across district decision-making tables. Build institutional capacity for valuing the time, space and opportunity for Youth of Color voice and leadership. Strengthen and sustain within- and cross-district Youth of Color-centered communities and connections. The work of the Youth Wisdom Council is youth-led with support and resources provided by the Road Map Improvement Collaborative and dedicated PSESD staff.

Below is a testimonials from the session:

“Something I could really appreciate about the exhibition is the de-stigmatization of African innovations and Black innovations overall. I watch a lot of historically centered/adjacent documentaries and too often are “western” inventions and contributions in fields such as mathematics, art, and architecture held in high regards and esteem. When there’s a rich wealth of colorful advancements in these same fields that originated in Africa. Research into these topics I could believe, could help decentralize that Africans are primitive and were only exposed to advancements (technologically) after European colonization and your exhibit did so much to highlight that.”

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