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Meet Our Founder Delbert Richardson!

Delbert Richardson

Our Mission

Re-educating learners of all ages that leads to self-restoration and community healing.

Our Mission

Who We Are

Delbert Richardson is the Founder and Curator of the American History Traveling Museum: The Unspoken Truths®. The Museum chronicles the rich history of Africans in Africa prior to American Chattel Slavery, the experiences and impact of American Chattel Slavery and of the Jim Crow Era, while also detailing the many contributions African Americans have had on scientific, cultural, and technological inventions/innovations in the U.S., and the world.

The Museum’s mission is to re-educate learners of all ages, in a manner that leads to self-restoration and community healing, with the eventual goal of implementing its teachings into school curricula, institutions, and organizations committed to cultural competence and social justice.

What We Do

Through our national award-winning museum we educate individuals, communities, educators, organizations & students on the unspoken truths of American history.

What we do
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