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Stephanie M.H. Camp 

Associate Professor of History

University of Washington

The excitement of feeling history’s immediacy and reality is another of the exhibit’s major contributions.


The exhibit is of extremely high pedagogical value. This is teaching at its best.

Denise Klein

Executive Director, Senior Services King County

We were all blown away by the quality of Delbert’s presentation and his extensive collection of material. Everyone at the workshop learned something new and it offered the opportunity to experience and begin to process painful feelings for individuals who had not had that opportunity before. Delbert believes that the truth, when squarely faced, will make us “free-er.

Darrel Tanaka

6th grade Science Teacher

 Hamilton International

Middle School

This exhibit was of particular importance to children of color, whose participation helped them feel good about themselves when observing the accomplishments of people who look like them.

Nick Brossoit 

Ed.D, Superintendent

Edmond's School District

Student Comments:

I learned to accept others no matter where they come from or look like.

I try harder to see things differently;not joke about racial things that people say

I learned judging someone is not acceptable and I need to be more aware.

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