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Autumn Edition

Hello faithful readers, as this school year commences, I am excited to share a recent exciting collaboration that's been a few years in the making.

This November, The Unspoken Truths ® and Washington STEM ( located in the state of Washington), will be combining their STEM expertise at this year's annual 2023 Washington STEM Summit on the Microsoft campus in Redmond Washington!

The purpose/objectives of this historical collaboration are:

  • To create healthier spaces of "belonging" for primarily students of the African Diaspora.

  • By providing administrators with visual examples that can be embedded into curriculum and learning objectives, healthier spaces of learning can be created for all.

This is to be accomplished by utilizing two sections of my national award-winning museum:

  • Mother Africa with an emphasis on positive identity development.

  • Black Inventors with an emphasis on self-actualization/efficacy.

Below is a quote by Dr. Soleil Boyd-Hernandez regarding the importance of this collaboration.

"Young children deserve educational experiences that affirm their STEM identities by showing them how STEM is part of who they are, what their families do, and is part of their cultural heritage. Delbert Richardson and the national award-winning “Unspoken Truths” STEM Exhibit bring children, educators, and others up close with the rich history and heritage of STEM for the African Diaspora and more BIPOC cultures. Washington STEM is honored to bring Mr. Richardson and this exhibit to the 2023 WA STEM Summit so that educational partners from across the state can experience this transformational exhibit and dialogue with the hope of creating a healthier space of “belonging” for all marginalized students.”

Pictured: Dr. Boyd- Hernandez and her Microsoft employee Husband Jose Hernandez, Data Scientist

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