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  • Can the museum be brought to our school?
    Yes, it may! The museum is entirely mobile.
  • What can my students expect out of a day visit?
    A rich, robust lesson involving the history of African Americans, and their contributions to modern society.
  • Could my company use the program as a form of diversity training?
    Definitely, the aim of the program is to educate and develop a deeper, more intimate understanding of African American history.
  • What digital products and services do you offer?
    We hold online seminars and curriculum design for classrooms. All options can be seen in the "Products" sections.
  • What countries do you travel to for services?
    For now the museum is limited to travel in the United States.
  • Can my students touch the artifacts?
    Yes, they may. For children, touch is a very important part of understanding. The museum takes pride in the direct contact with the artifacts from our collection!
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