“Until the Lion tells his tale, the hunt

will always glorify the hunter.”  

~African Proverbs~



"I truly believe that all of us should continue to be on this journey of self discovery because we all have inherited some stuff that really isn't good for society. Even though we live in a white-washed world today, our planet has always been a product of African DNA, advancements, and origin. These are the unspoken truths."  

― Delbert Richardson

Founder - The Unspoken Truths

Our Mission


Our mission is to empower all people with the unspoken historical truths that leads to self-restoration and community healing.


It’s called the American History Traveling Museum intentionally because he who tells the story controls the narrative, and the majority of our history has been told through the white male lens. Most of us assume that Athens and Rome dominated the classical world and set Western culture or North America on its present course, but there was a third city – Alexandria, Egypt – that at its height dwarfed both Athens and Rome in scientific and artistic achievements. American history as it is currently taught in schools is inaccurate. Our purpose is to tell the unspoken truths of not only American history but the history of the world.


We are still suffering from the residuals of slavery. I'm carrying 400 years of trauma in my DNA. Now I know why I don't have anger; I have rage. Now I know why I have low self esteem. Now I'm fully understanding. Now I'm in the process of self discovery and healing. Our goal is to provide information to create curiosity and promote critical inquiry to find truth and build the self-esteem of African American people, who have long suffered from the trauma of slavery.


What if there was a world where all children could learn how to self-identify and more importantly be more than happy with how they see themselves versus how the world sees them? All children and adults deserve to know and love who they are. Our work is deeply personal with the goal to make the world a better place for all. 


Not only did African Americans create amazing things, they are responsible for creating what we call now as S.T.E.M. So many uncredited Black inventors have contributed to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. From a pencil sharpener and gas mask to the lightbulb, all of the displayed items in our American History Traveling Museum were either invented, patented, or improved by African Americans. This shows the courage, resilience, and intentional fortitude of my ancestors. People were being lynched at the same time that they were changing the world. African Americans are still changing the world today. 

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